Life Without Your Car

posted by Drivr, August 12, 2015
One trend being noticed among millennials is less interest in driving or owning a car. There are many reasons for this trend: costs associated with car ownership, increased ability to connect with others online without leaving your home, and being environmentally conscious are the most common. In big cities where public transportation abounds, this seems like a perfectly logical decision. But what about the areas that don’t have public transportation readily available? Why would anyone opt to not have a car in this situation? With the current ride-sharing opportunities it’s actually pretty easy and far less expensive to live your life without owning a car.
Take Drivr, for instance. If you need to get from your home to an appointment you simply go on the Drivr app or the website, enter your pickup address and drop off address. We will take care of the rest and even include any errands you need run with our concierge service. You can schedule your ride, have your driver pick up your dry cleaning and never have to worry about a monthly car payment or maintenance costs.
With Drivr not only do you save on the costs of owning a vehicle, but you get all the conveniences of a modern home or office. You can catch up on your email, read the newspaper or simply relax and not deal with aggressive drivers in the comfort of someone else’s car when using Drivr. And the best perk – it’s a freaking Tesla! You’re already being environmentally conscious by not owning a car, now you can 10X your effort.