Drivr Prepares for Autonomous Future Ahead of Uber

posted by Drivr, August 2, 2015
It’s no secret that Tesla Motors is one of the top leaders in the electric car industry, in safety, design, performance, comfort, technology, and economical efficiency. Well soon they plan to take it up another huge notch. The age of the autonomous vehicle is here and Tesla is leading the auto makers. This is great news, since Drivr already offers a top notch transportation service using state of the art cars made by Tesla Motors. Our fleet of Model S is already being equipped to utilize the self-driving technology as soon as it becomes available. Not only will passengers enjoy the convenience and efficiency of green transportation , but they will also have the added benefit of commuting in a fully self-sufficient autonomous car. Drivr was was founded with this future in mind, leading the charge in conjunction with other major industry players such as Uber.
According to a July 7th article, Stephen Edelstein of Green Car Reports, states that by 2020 Tesla Motors plans to produce 500,000 autonomous cars per year. Edelstein also writes that Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, has said that if Tesla does produce fully-autonomous cars, he plans to buy every one. Currently, Uber doesn’t provide their own vehicles, and the drivers must provide their own. At Drivr this means that we will be able to meet your transportation need much quicker and with an even higher degree of customer satisfaction.