Do You Have the Concept of Time

posted by Drivr, October 21, 2015
At Drivr our mission has been to give our customers time back in their day by eliminating their time spent driving. Our core service Drivr OnDemand has been successful in giving thousands of customers their time back. However, we felt we could do better.
A few months ago our tech team discovered documents written by Emmet L. Brown relating to the ability to move through time. Upon reading them, we formed a small group called the Future Analysis of Kinetic Energy Team (FAKE for short). The goal of this team was to determine the feasibility of time travel using a Tesla Model S. Why a Tesla you ask? We figured if you are going to build a time machine, you might as well do it with some style. As it turns out a Tesla Model S with Ludicrous mode is capable of generating the necessary 1.21jW of power at 88mph (thank you Elon for making this possible).
At approximately 7:28AM on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 we successfully completed a temporal time experiment, sending Doug (our most daring driver) many years into the future. When Doug returned we had many questions about the future, primarily, do the Cubs win the World Series? Being the great steward of space/time continuum that he is, Doug would not divulge that answer, only stating that time travel was not created for financial gain.
Not getting much useful information from Doug as to what the future was like, we noticed something odd with our Model S.  The thing was driving itself!  As it turns out in the future, all automobiles drive themselves.
Our engineers have set out to test the full capabilities of this self driving miracle. Stay tuned for updates on our findings. In the meantime, you can experience the awesomeness of a autopilot, zero emissions and much more by requesting a Drivr*.

*This press release is mostly a fabrication of reality. We have not actually travelled through time. Doug is perfectly safe back home in good old 2015. The Cubs may or may not win the World Series. We do however have autopilot featured enable on some of our fleet.